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by Jeff Dean
Tucson, Arizona, and Madison, Wisconsin

Friend of the Marque (1999)
Prof. Gerhard Knöchlein BMW Classic Award (2013)
Over 530,000 BMW Riding Miles  
Co-Founder of BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (1972)
BMW MOA #115 & VBMWMO #2 (1972), BMW RA #13208
Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Chief Instructor (1994)
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  Some of the BMW motorcycle models covered on this web site.  

  The first BMW motorcycle — the 1923-1925 R32!
  The first postwar BMW motorcycle — the 250cc 1948 R24
  The first postwar BMW twin — the 1950 R51/2
  An early postwar BMW — the 1951-1954 R51/3
  A very postwar BMW single — the 250cc 1954 R25/3.
  The last of the “plunger” BMWs — the 1955 R67/3
  The beautiful vintage BMW sport bike, the 1954 R68
  The “slash-2” BMW motorcycles from 1955—1969
, a Granada red R60/2, a Dover white R60/2, a black R60/2, a blue R60US

  1968 Butler and Smith BMW Accessories
  1968 Flanders BMW Accessories
  The last BMW shaft-drive single — the BMW R27

  A 1960s hot rod — the BMW R69S

  A dual-purpose adventure motorcycle — the BMW R100GS

  BMW's dual-purpose motorcycle — the BMW R1200GS

  Read about the revolutionary 1996-2001 BMW R1100RT
  Read about the 2001-2004 BMW R1150RT
  See photos and read info on the original BMW R1200RT:

  See the 2014-2018 BMW R1200RTW:

  2015 BMW R1200R — it's light and it's fast
  See the most expensive BMW motorcycles

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  Vintage BMW Motorcycle Challenges and Lessons

  The opposed-twin Douglas Dragonfly of 1957
  The most fascinating Harley-Davidson ever made!
  Check this out: five shaft-drive opposed fours!
  What the heck is Ernest Richard George Earles’ front fork?
  Tim Stafford and the Art of BMW Motorcycle Restoration
  Jeff Dean Architectural Photography
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    See illustrated Craven's historic saddlebags for slash-2s

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Photos of BMW motorcycles below, clockwise from the upper left — 1967 BMW R60/2 (and me), 1972 BMW R75/5 (with former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona), 1954 BMW R68, 2015 BMW R1200RT, 1967 BMW R60/2, and 1954 BMW R51/3 (ridden by Tim Stafford).

Ninety-two years of BMW motorcycles:  

1923 R32 1948 R24 R25/3 R51/3 R67/3 R68 R60/2 Red R60/2
White R60/2 R69S R75/5 R90S R100GS 1996 R1100RT
2005 R1200RT 2015 R1200R 2015 R1200RT

  These are my BMW motorcycle dealers:

  Iron Horse Motorcycles: the only BMW dealership in Arizona.
  It is a motorcycle dealership, not a “powersports” emporium.

  Click here for: Iron Horse Motorcycle's Facebook Page

  For service on my vintage BMW motorcycles, I use Bee Mer Werx,
  owned by Paul Ford, located at 3752 E. Hardy Dr., Tucson,
  telephone 520-975-5594.

The German "eyes" are a lot younger than the American eyes.

  Let's talk about riding motorcycles!

My first motorcycle!
1965 “Happy for a Lifetime” ad — engaging BMW “If you want to be happy for a lifetime, ride a BMW” ad from 1965 (1583 by 2085 pixels).
The origin of the BMW Roundel — What is the real story? — nope, not a propeller! (PDF fle)
Pointed opinions from a long-time rider (me) about surviving on and enjoying riding motorcycles.
Do you see what you think you see?   “Inattentional blindness” — read this and you might look again!
Should you wear a full-face helmet?   Ask 1.1-million-mile BMW motorcycle rider Dave Swisher, of Bowling Green, Virginia, what his opinion might be. Check out what happened to his helmet!
What simple thing can most motorcyclists do to reduce their collision chances by 24%? Click here for the answer.
Enclosed trailers for motorcycles information.
The BMW Riders Association — I have been a member since 1988. If you aren't a member, you should join.
The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA), founded in 1972, is the world's largest association of BMW motorcycle owners and a "must" for BMW enthusiasts. It offers a glossy monthly magazine, an annual international rally, and a tour book for traveling riders.
The Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Association (VBMWMO), founded in 1972, is dedicated to the preservation of classic and antique BMW motorcycles and is an excellent source for restoration information.
The BMW Veteran Motorcycle Club of America (BMW VMCA) is an organization formed in 2004 with the purpose of providing educational services, information, and assistance to those who are interested in owning, operating, repairing, restoring, and studying the history of vintage BMW motorcycles as well as the machines themselves.
MidAmerica Auctions (now Mecum) has been selling vintage motorcycles at auction, including BMWs, for years. The largest is held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. The thumbnail to the left shows Tim Stafford with an R50/2 he auctioned in 2007.