1968 Photographs of New BMW Motorcycles

by Jeff Dean

Last Updated: March 4, 2011
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Below are photographs of red and white BMW twins I took in 1968 at Harder's Sales and Service, Janesville, Wisconsin, of brand new BMW motorcycles waiting to be sold. The Granada red motorcycle is a 1968 R60US that had just arrived at the dealer and was awaiting a buyer.

The white motorcycle is a 1968 R60/2 with a custom seat, luggage rack, and a color-matched Wixom Ranger handlebar fairing mounted on it. It is likely that this bike was specially prepared for a buyer.

The vast majority of BMW motorcycles sold during this 1960s were the standard black with white pinstriping. However, during this period, BMW motorcycles could be special ordered in any color in which the BMW cars were available. That has caused some discussion among vintage BMW enthusiasts as to what minor parts were painted on special-order motorcycles.

The original condition black R60/2, shown immediately below in a later photo, is the standard BMW color as supplied by BMW dealers in the 1960s. It has a wide dual saddle, which was one of two standard saddle options provided in the U.S. The other option, a narrow dual saddle, is shown on the red bike below.

As you can see in the photos of the red motorcycle, the following minor elements were painted a matching red: tire pump, center stand, and sidestand. The following minor parts were left the standard black: foot pegs, battery holder, and rear brake lever.

The white motorcycle follows this "formula" except that the rear foot pegs are white. This suggests there could have been minor variations on the assembly line, depending on what happened to be available when a motorcycle was being assembled. However, my own documented completely original 1967 R60/2 follows the "formula" exactly.

Check out the period cars in the background below:

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