Enclosed Trailers for Motorcycles      

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How do you transport a motorcycle in an open trailer that can be conveniently stored when not in use? As it happens, Kendon Stand-Up Trailers has a solution. The photos below show the single-motorcycle Kendon trailer. Kendon also offers trailers for two and three motorcyucles. These trailers can folded and stood up in a garage when not in use, taking very little storage space. (The bike on the trailer is a 1955 BMW R67/3.)

How do you transport two or more motorcycles for long trips in all weather conditions? This is a problem that has confronted us from time to time. The answer, obviously, is using an enclosed motorcycle trailer, which keeps out rain, hail, snow, sand, gravel, and anything else targeting your precious motorcycles. A wide swing-down loading ramp in the back is important, as is a small side door for easy human access.

Our latest acquisition is a 12-foot, V-nose two-motorcycle trailer made by Wells Cargo, seen in the photos above and below. It has electric brakes, which are required for dual-axle trailers this size. It accommodates two BMW motorcycles, ranging from an R1200RT to vintage BMWs, just fine. I hung a net mesh "hammock" from one of the "rafters" to carry odd-shaped items, especially helmets.

Our tow vehicle started out a decade ago as a Dodge V8 Dakota pickup, but it proved to be over taxed going up hills. We soon switched to a 2002 Ford F250 with a diesel engine. In 2015 we switched again, to a 2015 Ford F150 with aluminum body.

The photo below shows the interior of the trailer, which has two removable wheel chocks, recessed tie-down rings, and both 120-volt and 12-volt interior lighting. (The bikes in the trailer are 1967 BMW R60/2s.)

Years ago we had an earlier and similar 12-foot trailer, but decided then that it was too small as we wanted to carry more motorcycles. So our next acqisition was a Pace 20-foot trailer (photo below) designed for carrying four motorcycles. The greater length proved difficult to manage in tight spaces, so when we no longer needed to carry four motorcycles we changed back to the 12-foot Wells Cargo shown above.