My Favorite Vendors

by Jeffrey M. Dean, Tucson, AZ

Click here for Bench Mark Works, Sturgis, Mississippi

Craig Vechorik is the owner of Bench Mark Works, which which is the source for parts and services for owners of vintage BMW motorcycles, including prewar. If you are restoring a vintage BMW, you will become very familiar with "Vech's" operation. Vech has restored three motorcycle for me — an R51/3, R60/2, and R25/3. Telephone 1-800-323-7102 weekdays. Here is a list of some parts that Vech offers.

Click here for Stafford Restorations, San Diego, CA

Tim Stafford has restored five BMW motorcycles for me, including an R51/3, two R60/2s, an R69S, and a 1954 R68 that became an award winner at Pebble Beach in 2012. Tim also sells parts for vintage BMWs and has an ebay "store," where he is known as "VS4."

Click here for Iron Horse Motorcycles, Tucson, AZ

John Cartwright's award-winning exclusive-BMW dealership is in Tucson, Arizona, where I live. When my modern BMW, an R1200RT, needs service I take it here. Iron Horse services all types of BMW motorcycles, carries a large variety of motorcycle clothing and accessories, and sells new and used motorcycles.

Click here for Beemer Bits, Tucson, AZ

This is the Southwest's largest internet seller of used BMW Motorcycle parts and is run by my good friend, Jim Strang.

Click here for Ace Hardware, everywhere

Need metric hardware? Ace carries it now. I like to see if Ace Hardware has whatever I need at the time. Nearly always, it does. And unlike the big box stores, there is always someone there at Ace to help you out.

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