Who Am I?

“Those who believe without reason cannot be convinced by reason.” - James Randi

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Jill and me in 1967 with our first BMW motorcycle, an R60/2.
Here I am nearly 50 years later, in January 2015, with my new BMW R1200RT.

I have been a BMW motorcycle rider since 1967. I still love the BMW R60/2, probably because it was my first motorcycle. In 1968 I founded the Madison (WI) BMW Club and in 1972 I co-founded the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America and Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners. Today I ride BMWs from a 1949 R24 through a 1955 R67/3, a 2015 R1200RT, a 2017 R1200RT, and three of those wonderful R60/2s. You can find information on all these BMWs and others on my web site.

I wish to note who I am here in secular and common sensical terms for purposes of my humble website — I am Jeff Dean, an obsessed motorcyclist (according to my long-suffering wife, Jill—who is absolutely correct), a motorcyclist instructor and coach, an architectural historian, a photographer of historic buildings, and in all other ways a wandering rider on the great twisting road of life.  

I am a proud free thinker, secular humanist, and atheist, and life member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. (Actually all believers are atheists when they are born or with respect to religions other than their own. I have just completed the journey and am no longer superstitious or a believer in ancient myths.)

That's me in April 2012, above, with my 1954 R68. Click on the photo to go to my R68 web page.
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Here I am in August 1967 riding the first real motorcycle I ever owned. It was a 1966 BMW R60/2. I learned about correct riding gear a bit later. Click here to read Ed Youngblood's MotoHistory article (here, a about me.

Below: Free Thinker's Billboards
Enhanced by the positioning of lovely BMW R60/2 Motorcycles

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Here I am — “On the road” to Idaho!
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